GLS on Students’ English Reading Skill at Seventh Grade of SMPN 5 Pamekasan

Syamsudin Syamsudin, Moh. Mashur Abadi


GLS (Gerakan Literasi Sekolah) is an effort to make the school learning organization citizens of lifelong literacy through public engagements. When the teacher uses GLS, he will strive so that his students can improve their reading interest, improve literacy skill, and the last is to improve literacy skills in all subjects. This research has three research focuses related to GLS. Those are how the implementation of GLS on students’ English reading skill?, what are the supporting and inhibiting factors of GLS on students’ English reading skill?, and how to solve the problem faced by the teachers in implementing GLS on student's English reading skill at the seventh grade of SMPN 5 Pamekasan? This is descriptive qualitative research. The subjects are the English teacher and the students. Observation, interview, and documentation were used to collect the data, and the data were analyzed by using 3 steps of the research involved the process of the research, analyzing the data, and arrange the research results. This research found that GLS is implemented through three stages: habituation stages, development stages, and learning stages. The supporting factors were the facilities and infrastructures were adequate enough, the collection of books was completed, and etc, while the inhibiting factors included many activities of the students outside the classroom, and lack of motivation from teachers and students, and so forth. Therefore, the motivation from the teachers and students are the keys, giving the students the right direction so that the implementation of GLS will be well implemented.


GLS (Gerakan Literasi Sekolah); Reading skill

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