Urgency of Theoretical Frameworks of Translation on Students' Reading Comprehension at the Second Semester Students of English Department STAIN Pamekasan

Hoirunnas Hoirunnas, Mosleh Habibullah


This thesis article comes up with the researcher’s critical reading on some theses on the shelves-theses library of the Islamic state college (STAIN) Pamekasan which those are almost focusing on the difficulties of reading. The thesis entitled The Effect of Using Skimming Technique on Students Reading Comprehension at Eleventh Grade of Ma’hadul Mu’allimin Al-islami (MMAI) Jambu Lenteng Sumenep written by Rohandiyah focuses on how significance the skimming technique on the students’ reading comprehension stated that the students usually get difficulty in reading because they did not understand about the meaning and main idea, and also have translated every single word. Besides, thesis entitled Correlation between the Students Ability in Scanning English Text and Students Reading Comprehension at Second Semester of English Education Program of STAIN Pamekasan written by Hosnol Khotimah focuses on whether there is correlation between students’ ability in scanning English text and the students reading comprehension. Both theses use quantitative approach. The result of the first thesis has sufficient significant effect on students’ reading comprehension at eleventh grade of MMAI Jambu Lenteng Sumenep. While the second thesis shows medium significance of second semester students of English Education Program of STAIN Pamekasan. Through those two theses the researcher used descriptive qualitative approach with observation, interview and documentation to prove that most of the students conducting the research focus on, in term of reading, the difficulties of reading. On the other hand, they focus on how to implement methods, techniques, and strategies in reducing the difficulties of reading.


Translation; Reading comprehension

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