Moh Syafik, Afifah Raihany


This study that was mainly purposed to investigate whether there is significant difference between interpersonal students and intrapersonal students on their English speaking skill. This study uses Ex-post facto or causal comparative with quantitative research approach. The population was 216 students of all third semester students of English Teaching Learning Program of STAIN Pamekasan, the sample of 50 students (25 interpersonal students and 25 intrapersonal students) were taken away by using stratified random sampling. Two research instruments were utilized. The questionnaire was spread out to identify the students’ intelligence, while documentation was used to know the result of summative test of English speaking skill. The research result reveals there is significant difference between interpersonal students and intrapersonal students at the third semester of English Teaching Learning Program of STAIN Pamekasan on their English speaking skill, t-value of 3.86 is significantly higher than t-table (significant level 5%) that is only 2.01. (3.86 > 2.01; Level of significance 5%, df = 50). Interpersonal students are better on English speaking skill because they have special characteristics, such as love to interact, have good communication skills, strong empathy and good sociability. They are usually outgoing and also easily adaptable make them quick to learn


Speaking Skill; Interpersonal Students; Intrapersonal Students

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