Wiyogo Purnomoadjie, Mulyadi .


This research aims to describe the sentence structure through tree diagram and to find the sentence structure appears in two Adele’s song, especially in writing descriptive text. This research employs descriptive qualitative method. Two kinds of data collection were used to collect the data, those are observation and documentation. In observation, the researcher does something such as listening to the songs “Someone Like You” and “Don’t You Remember” and listening to the songs again focusing on the lyrics. In documentation, analyzing the lyrics from each song and writing down all the lyrics of two songs to be analyzed use tree diagram. Having analyzed the data, then, finally found sixty forms of the structure of the two Adele’s songs. From the two of Adele’s songs used as the samples in this thesis, grammatical sentence mostly appears rather than ungrammatical sentence. Through the discussion, the researcher also found the substandard English words, such as Ain’t, you’d, I’ll, you’re, didn’t, couldn’t, isn’t


Syntax; Sentence Structure; Adele’s Songs

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