RELASI LAKI-LAKI DAN PEREMPUAN (Menabrak Tafsir Teks, Menakar Realitas)

Achmad Mulyadi


The term of gender has been perceived as man-woman
differentiation. The distinction is appeared due to cultural
reality constructed by society. This concept is opposed to sex,
which differentiate the terms of man-woman biologically.
Thus, the difference in sex is a God construction, and cannot
be restudied. On the other hand, the difference in gender is a
social construction and it can be restudied (qabilun lin niqasy).
Therefore, a gender concept on man-woman relation is always
debatable in terms either in text study or in its reality context
in the society. This article elaborates the establishment of manwoman
relation from the text perspective, cultural
construction and its reality today.

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