ENVIRONMENTAL-BALANCED SCORECARD DAN ETIKA BISNIS ISLÂM (Suatu Sintesis Manajemen Strategi dalam Persaingan Global)

Rudy Haryanto Rudy Haryanto



Business activity is an integral part of economic discourse. Islamic economy system starts from ethical awareness. For its viability, a company runs an old fashioned-management, it is a material-prosperity attainmnet oriented. However, it results a social contradiction. In Islamic ethic, a business must combine material and moral indicators emphesizing profit and expediency harmonies. Islamic business must be on the basis of natural and human resources that is moved by a motivation of dynamic devotion. Thus, it is  significant to have a management strategy that are religious, morality, and humanity oriented. Furthermore, the paradigm change that company goal maintaining the financial aspect change into social and environmental aspects is certain.


Key Words:

Manajemen srategis, etika, perusahaan, lingkungan, dan

Balanced Scorecard

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19105/al-lhkam.v6i1.301


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