Journal Stylebook


The manuscript should be written within 8-15 pages with font Times New Roman size 12, paper size A4 with 4cm margin for left and top and 3cm for right and bottom, and under one column.

The title should be written in short and simple by using capital letters.

The abstract should be written in English and Indonesian with no more than 150 words completed with 3-6 keywords.

The manuscript would be accepted as long as it is the result of research studies that fit with the subject areas covering (a) introduction (background, aims and basic theory of the study), (b) research method (c) result and discussion, (d) conclusion, and (e) references, without numbering and chaptering

The references are written and ordered alphabetically and fit with what actually cited in the manuscript.

The references are written such follow :

part of the book (taken from an online database):

Fabrellas, B. Chapter 1: National and EU Legislation on Emission of Dioxins, Furans, and Heavy Metal. In, Solutions in Dioxin & Mercury Removal (pp. 11-45). Digitalia, Inc. 2003


Article in Journals :

Afriantoni, Implementasi Manajemen Perubahan di MAN 3 Palembang Sumatra Selatan, Ta’DIB, Vol. XIX, No. 02, Edisi November 2014.

Books :

Abdul Manab, Manajemen Perubahan Kurikulum Mendesain Pembelajaran, Yogyakarta : Kalimedia, Cetakan ke-1, 2015.

The manuscript is submitted to the “re-JIEM” editorial office at Prodi Manajemen Pendidikan Islam (MPI) Tarbiyah faculty (first floor - new building) IAIN Madura Jl. Panglegur KM. 04 Pamekasan, or available submitted via E-Mail at

For the following citations of the same source, list the author’s last name, two or three words of the title, and the specific page number(s). The word ibid. maybe used, but op.cit., and loc.cit. are not.

If citation uses Mendeley or Zotero software, use the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note)

The use of Mendeley and Zotero software is highly recommended

Download Journal Template HERE